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About Marjolein Vreeke

I will start by saying that as the so-called “modelmom” I hear all the inside stories about the modelling industry. With intervaltraining (HIIT) and weight training (with own bodyweight) I train at Modelsinshape in a fun, enjoyable and healthy way to develop beautiful, lean and defined muscles in models.

I travel with my daughter regularly to cities like Paris, Milan and New York. I know exactly what the requirements for a model are, how they should look and how they can achieve this. Ofcourse I also know the setbacks, and support the models with the mental aspects as well.

Through an intensive concurrency with a professional psychologist and mental coach I am very well trained to professionally help and coach the models.

During my trips to New York I discover new training elements which I introduce in the Netherlands. A good example is jumprope, an effective workout to get in shape, and which helps the models to achieve the right measurements. I innovate existing techniques to work especially for this specific group.

I train national and international models, and I work with great agencies like: Elite, Micha Models, Ulla, De Boekers, IBE Models, VDM, Moxie Models, IBTM, The Society, IMG, Women, and even more big and small agencies.

Modelsinshape also collaborates with Michelle’s Goodfood and is affiliated with the Healthpledge.

Reduce your hip size

Model training

The exercises usually used in the fitness world cause a lot of muscle development. The workouts of Modelsinshape on the other hand help you to work on the specific areas of your body, like the hips.

In addition to the workouts, you also receive advice about the right nutrition.

The training for models by Modelsinshape creates the best model body. The goal is a toned, tall and lean body. You will notice very quickly that you feel stronger, develop a stronger core and more awareness about exercise and nutrition.

With the model training by Marjolein Vreeke you will see results fast.

The workouts for models by Modelsinshape are the right start. There are a lot of stories circulating in the media about models who stop eating to achieve the right measurements. Modelsinshape teaches you to eat sufficiently, and combine this with working out in order to reach the right measurements.

Do not overexploit your body, it never yields the results you are hoping for.

Together with Marjolein Vreeke you will develop your own personal workout plan and take a look at your diet. The amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is tailored to your goals.

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